From its English name ” Dead lift “, the deadlift is a weightlifting exercise that consists of lifting a weight from the ground using a barbell. Like other sports disciplines, the deadlift also has its principles and methods of execution. Indeed, whatever the weight of the bar, it will always be necessary to make sure to lift it vertically.

This principle, which constitutes the very essence of this strength exercise , not only obliges the practitioner to involve several joints and several muscles, but also leads him to expend a single force. In view of the different joints it uses, this exercise is therefore an excellent opportunity to work certain important muscles of your body, namely the gluteal, lumbar, dorsal muscles, etc.

Also, the deadlift , in view of the physical effort it requires of the athlete who practices it, can be dangerous in certain cases. This is why following the different steps in chronological order and the different instructions is very important to limit the risks.

What are the different types of deadlifts and their implications?

It is established that the principle of this exercise is to lift the heavy weight located on the ground vertically. However, you have the choice between different ways to proceed to achieve this goal. This is what justifies the multiplicity of deadlift variants encountered on the circuit.

Classic deadlift

This is the basic form of the deadlift. To start the exercise, you must first take a deep breath and then adopt a stable position, keeping your feet apart in proportion to the width of your shoulders. Then lean forward while pushing the hips back. Your mission will be to carry the weight up.

Performing a contraction all over your body, keeping your back straight without rounding it and looking forward, slowly slide the bar up to the middle of your thigh muscles.

Also, do not hesitate to stop the exercise if you feel that your back muscles begin to round as you lean forward.

Romanian deadlift

The muscles involved in this variation of the classic deadlift are numerous. These are the glutes, hamstrings, erector spinae muscles found in the back, abdominals, shoulders, trapezius, and forearms.

Before executing the sequences of the Romanian deadlift , you must first adopt a stable position in which the distance between the feet must not be greater than that of the hips.

The bar is on a rack, take the bar and straighten up in order to descend in the eccentric phase and therefore stretch the muscles so that they store energy by exerting pressure on your hamstring muscles, while ensuring that you that the bar does not touch the ground which will be returned for the concentric phase

In addition, if you are a beginner and you feel an interest in this discipline, then it is strongly recommended that you opt for training sessions with professionals and people with experience in the field. If you have a preference for remote or at-home training, you can also train by watching videos. For this purpose, the YouTube platform will be of great use to you.

Why do the deadlift?

There are as many reasons to deadlift as there are benefits. First of all, it’s a great way to work on your physical condition . Indeed, this polyarticular exercise allows you to work several of your muscles, whatever their nature. As a result, it promotes their development and strengthening. It is also an excellent option to improve your bodybuilding.

Apart from its benefits in terms of physical conditions, the deadlift also allows you to work on your posture . Because, it involves several times the back and abdominal muscles, which means that it offers the possibility to its practitioner to modulate and straighten them. Consequently, it allows you to maintain an irreproachable state of health.

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