Confinement Nanny Agencies

The confinement nanny industry in Singapore may be modest, yet there are still around 15 confinement agencies. Even though their essential services are nearly identical, there are subtle differences between them. This post will provide some guidelines or suggestions for choosing a reputable confinement nanny agency.

1. Free replacement & Replacement Ease

Most confinement nanny agencies will provide free confinement nanny replacement. (You may be required to pay $30 for the application of a work permit and an additional red packet for the replacement confinement nanny.) Some confinement nanny services permit only one free replacement, while others permit several free replacements. You should verify the terms and conditions with the confinement nanny agencies.

You could inquire with a confined nanny agency regarding the replacement process. This is to ensure that the method does not appear difficult. Your infant and new mother require around-the-clock care. If the technique is overly convoluted, it will result in a great deal of unwarranted difficulty and displeasure.

Consider asking the confined nanny agency how long it will take for the replacement nanny to arrive after you have acknowledged your want to change. Will the confinement nanny agency send the replacement nanny to your home? Will the confinement nanny agency seek and obtain your work permit?

2. Amount of years of operation

If you choose to work with a more reputable confinement nanny service, you may verify their licence number, xxCxxxx, the first two digits of which indicate the year of licence approval.

It should be noted that certain confinement nanny agencies may have been founded before the year of licence approval, as the licencing system for confinement nanny firms has just recently been implemented.

The reputation of a new confinement nanny agency may not be established, but they may go the additional mile to earn your business and your endorsement.

3. Provide responsibilities of a confinement nanny agency

Confinement nanny agencies must apply for the nanny’s work permit on your behalf. Ensure that they will also assist you in extending the work permit if necessary and cancelling it once your confinement term has ended.

Remember to inquire whether the administrative cost for the work permit is included in the quoted price. The work permit administration price is $30.

4. Training of Babysitter

Several confinement nanny firms require that confinement nannies get training. This is done to ensure that their confinement women have the appropriate abilities for the job.

Many confinement nannies are also moms, so they have prior experience with confinement.

5. Medical Examination of the Nanny

The confinement nannies will have close interaction with the frail postpartum mother. In addition, the confinement nanny will provide 24-hour care for the infant; consequently, she must be in good health so that she does not transmit any illness or disease to the new mother or newborn.

Several confinement nanny firms require that confinement nannies undergo regular medical exams.

6. Nanny duties as prescribed by the agency

Several nanny firms have standardised the duties of confinement nannies. You must ensure that the job’s scope meets all of your requirements. If it does not, you must confirm with the agency that the nanny can provide the service you want, such as infant massage.

7. Fee

Money is usually a significant consideration. Fees, excluding the red packet, are typically between $2300 and $3000. Often, agency fees are included in the package.

Nevertheless, you may be required to pay extra during festival seasons such as Chinese New Year.

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