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In order to understand the reasons for hair loss, it is important to understand how the life of the hair works.

First of all, the hair grows from the root (the living and non-visible part) and not from the tip, which is biologically dead.

Also, not all of our hair grows consistently and each of them is at a different stage. Growth depends on several factors: genetics, sex, age, seasons, hormones, nutritional intake…

The 3 phases of the hair cycle:

The anagen phase (or the growth phase) is the phase that will determine the length of the hair. Its duration is on average 2 to 7 years (from 4 to 7 years in women and from 2 to 4 years in men). Right now, the vast majority of our hair is in the anagen phase.

The catagen phase (or the transition phase) is a period of approximately 3 weeks, during which the hair does not evolve – it no longer grows. It is dead but it does not fall, it waits for the growth of the new shoot to be strong enough to take its place.

The telogen phase (or the expulsion phase), a phase where the hair gradually falls for an average of 3 months. The old bulb gives way to a new follicle which is in the anagen phase. The circle is complete !

Why does hair fall?

To start, rest assured , it is completely normal to lose hair on a daily basis . This is hair in the telogen phase and we lose up to 100 a day! When you do your routine once a week, it may seem confusing to see “so much” hair, but it’s only hair accumulated throughout the week!

Seasonal changes (especially spring and autumn): find all the information in our article How to adapt your curly hair routine to the arrival of spring

Hereditary factor

Alopecia (autoimmune disease which accelerates hair loss which can have several causes: hormonal, psychological, nutritional, alopecia areata, etc.)

Health and hair growth come first and foremost from the inside. Therefore, to slow down hair loss, it is very important to adopt a balanced and varied diet as well as to drink enough water . In particular, favor foods rich in zinc (antioxidant, stimulates growth and helps synthesize keratin) and vitamin C (essential for the formation of collagen, promotes iron absorption, stimulates the hair follicle, strengthens the hair, limit breakage).

Favor anti-hair loss plants

In addition to fruits and vegetables full of water for the good hydration of your curls, vary your infusions and your meals by including anti-hair loss plants in your diet!

Rosemary (in infusion): essential plant to fight against hair loss.

Nettle (in infusion): rich in iron and silica, ideal for combating hair loss, limiting hair loss and promoting hair growth.

Horsetail (in infusion): strengthens the hair fiber from the root, limits breakage

Cinnamon (in infusion, in your desserts): stimulates blood circulation.

Food supplements

Our best allies to give a “boost” to our curls ! Indeed, the cure will help fight hair loss and stimulate hair growth , by strengthening them from their roots. Of course, food supplements should be taken in addition to a varied and balanced diet. Moreover, what is really ideal is that there are some for all tastes : in capsules (to be drunk with a large glass of water), in gummies (sweets), specific for pregnant and breastfeeding women, for men,…

Another useful supplement for healthy hair growth that you can absorb through food is probiotics. Check out the infographic below to see what probiotics can do for your hair growth!follicular unit extraction procedure

Infographic provided by MAXIM Hair Restoration, a follicular unit extraction procedure clinic

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