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The realm of male plastic surgery has been evolving. Time was, East Windsor breast implants primarily catered to women. No longer. Today, men are stepping into the spotlight of cosmetic enhancements. It’s a brave new world. Let’s dive into this trend’s history and explore its present-day developments.

Past and Present

In the past, men rarely sought cosmetic surgery. It was a field dominated by women. But times are changing. Data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows a remarkable shift. More and more men are choosing to undergo plastic surgery.

Most Popular Procedures

What are these men opting for? Nose jobs, eyelid surgeries, and liposuction top the list. Gynecomastia surgery, a procedure to reduce enlarged male breasts, is also popular. Data shows that men made up 40% of all breast reduction surgeries in 2019.

A Changing Society

Why this sudden change? It’s not sudden at all. Society’s views on men’s appearance have been shifting for years. Men are feeling the pressure to look good and they’re willing to turn to surgery to achieve the look they want.

Looking Ahead

The future of male plastic surgery looks bright. Surgeons are developing new techniques. These make procedures less invasive, less painful, and more effective. Men can look forward to a wider array of choices in the future.

Male Plastic Surgery: A Comparison

Here are some numbers that show the growth of male plastic surgery:

1997 800,000
2017 1.3 million

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