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Antibacterial, stimulating intestinal transit, detoxifying, rich in vitamins and minerals… Discover the many benefits of aloe vera juice and advice from Lisa Salis, nutritherapist, for consuming it safely.9

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Aloe vera is a plant called “adaptogen”, that is to say that it allows the body to adapt more to external conditions and to cope with internal stress . It has been used for over 5000 years, and can be applied externally or consumed internally.

Benefits of aloe vera: is it good for your health to drink the juice?

Aloe vera, in juice or gel, has many benefits for our health and is a real ally of our body : as a cure, it helps to gain energy , strengthen the immune system and better manage stress .

A plant that stimulates the digestive system

Aloe vera, consumed internally as a cure, helps stimulate intestinal transit , and also helps protect it, thanks to its anti-inflammatory action . It is the enzymes contained in aloe vera that give this product the power to improve digestion , helping the body to better break down the fats and sugars consumed (more “cut” thanks to these enzymes, the body is better digest these molecules).

A natural solution in case of gastroesophageal reflux

Internally, its anti-inflammatory action will also be of interest for the upper digestive tract: for people who suffer from heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux , for example.

Also, aloe vera, in cure can have a detoxifying effect. Its detox effect has the advantage of being associated with a remineralising action, which makes it a very complete product, in the event of digestive disorders for example. It can be combined with activated charcoal during a trip abroad, to relieve the symptoms of a tourista , and avoid dehydration . After vomiting , aloe vera is ideal as a cure, to heal the mucous membranes of the intestine and the upper tract (throat, esophagus , etc.).

Aloe vera has many health benefits, but should not be taken internally by:

Pregnant women (as a precaution, to avoid consuming the bark or the juice of the plant)

People who suffer from severe intestinal pathologies such as ulcerative colitis for example (due to the slightly emollient or even laxative effect of the plant)

People with cancer (always ask your doctor for advice before consuming it)

Where to buy aloe vera juice?

It is possible to buy its aloe vera leaf and cut one centimeter from the bark (to avoid consuming the bark and to ensure that the juice is not taken).

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